Winemaker Wednesday! Nico Wines

(meet Rosa, Kevin’s constant companion and best rescue pup ever)

Kevin Rogers is one of a very small group of guys I want with me when I’m heading to the best dive bars in the worst parts of any city. The other two being Detroit-born guitarist/producer, Pete Anderson & Keith Richards. Soulful, no bullshit talking or taking, straight razor toting’ gentlemen one and all. The Chicago native is one of the smartest people I know, able to talk quantum physics and deep music with equal acumen. His wines are a marvelous reflection of his personality. The technical brilliance behind his craft never outshines his warmth, passion and great love of the grape, resulting in the easy drinking Nico Wines that are exceptional examples of the lesser known varietals he works with.

Wines that – just like the man – you want to hang out with at every possible occasion.

Selected for “Gatherings” by Kevin Wardell, wine guru at Bergamot Alley, to pair with Chef Franco Dunn’s Moroccan Feast, Nico Wines offerings match well with almost any Summer menu.


Kevin R - Nico Spread

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You can learn more about the wonderful wines Kevin is making by visiting the Nico Wines website, hitting the “like” button on the Nico Wines Facebook page. The man is also making exceptional small batch olive oils. Email him to get some!

Get your copy of “Gatherings” now and share the some Sonoma County love with your family & friends this week-end!

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