the invisible man

all apologies for the claude rains impersonation here on my own site! jeez…it’s been ages but not like things haven’t been happening. this past december, i got a job offer i couldn’t refuse and have since moved back to nyc – landed in williamsburg section of brooklyn – started the new gig as vice president of marketing for the D’Addario family of brands. fully stoked to working with a great company and brilliant bunch of people! but between the job, moving across country, finding a place and trying to get settled in…just hasn’t been time for much else. well, i have managed to get out into the ‘hood and begin checking out the food & music scene. fantastic on both counts.

so thnx to all who have been dropping lines and wondering wtf is up w/me…happy to say all’s well on plane jack…and i’m hoping to be settled in soon and back to keeping the site fresh. much love – jack


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