Why a Cookbook?

The smart-ass answer would be “why not a cookbook?!” I’m as surprised as anyone that my first published tome is anything but an attempt at serious literature.

But for those of you who follow my posts & blogs, you know that food, wine and cocktails are all passions of mine. These things are important to me not just because I enjoy the taste or buzz, it’s what they lead to, which is the gathering of family and friends around the table to share, not just a meal, but time together. Sharing the experience of a meal prepared with love and forethought. I believe this is all about creating memorable moments.

I’m fortunate to count amongst my friends some incredibly talented chefs and winemakers. They are all responsible for the incredible explosion of fantastic restaurants serving rustic, farm-to-table fare here in the Healdsburg area. And the lifestyle we enjoy living in one of the great food and wine areas of the world is something I wanted to share with all my friends.

The concept was simple – recreate what we do here on a regular basis, package it in a fun format and share the love. So I asked each chef a simple question – “I’m coming to your house with some friends to eat this Summer, what are you making?” And once the menus were done, I asked my friend and insanely gifted wine dude, Kevin Wardell – “Hey, we’re going to chef’s house for a meal and here’s what’s being served. What wines are you bringing?” The question “Cheese, please?” was then posed to local cheesemonger, Doralice Handal. And of course, no gathering is complete without an excellent cocktail, so I asked Erika Frey, a cocktail ranger of the highest order to add her take on a special drinks to each menu.

The results are in this collection. Fun, easy to make and absolutely tasty. Some are a bit adventurous – Grilled Lamb Tongue or Abalone Sausage is not your ordinary fare but please trust me, try it. When prepared as these chefs do – they can be sublime treats.
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