Out of the Spin Cycle At Last!

Another looooooong lapse in keeping the website fresh. All apologies but took a wild ass detour last January – returning to the corporate world – something I’d promised myself I wouldn’t do but the offer was something I couldn’t refuse. It got me back to NYC which was something I’d been wanting to do for some time. The whole thing looked so good on paper but – hey, the best laid plans and intentions. Didn’t work out – no details necessary really but both sides were unhappy and relieved when it ended. Hated leaving Brooklyn as I really enjoyed the neighborhood although I never had the time to get as deep into it as I’d hoped.

I landed in CT again – at my sister’s with no real plan other than refusing to think about the lost job and what was next. I slept in, laid on the couch and read countless detective & mystery novels – Michael Connelly, Daniel Woodward, Elmore Leonard and my fave – Don Winslow. Just brain candy. I cooked dinner for my sister’s family. I learned how to bake bread.

My answer to anyone’s question about what my plans were was always the same – “Haven’t got a fucking clue – but I know what I don’t want to do.”

The beginning of December found me back in Healdsburg to celebrate my birthday and my good friend, Doug’s birthday the following day. This kicked off a 60 day blur of dinners, parties and gatherings with a couple of gigs thrown in just as icing on a big, fat cake of great escape.

But amongst the buzzed blur and hungover mornings some truths iemerged which have set my path for the coming year.

My book – which so many folks have been asking about – was back-burnered last year when I went back to “work” – not that writing isn’t work. I was disappointed the initial enthusiasm shown by my agent and some publishers didn’t pan out but in retrospect it was a good thing. The time away from the manuscript helped me realize I’d not written the book I had originally wanted – changing some things in response to publishers input etc. So now I’m determined to return to the writing and my vision. Mind you, this isn’t a complete rewrite – but the focus had drifted from what I wanted the message of the book to be. So stay tuned – greatly appreciate your patience but I want you to read my story – and not some publishing executive’s take on what it should be.

I have a couple other projects I’m hoping to get launched this year as well. More on those in the days to come and you can expect to see much more coming from this site which I hope you’ll enjoy and share with your friends & our kindred spirits.

Let it Rock, Hug Them While You Can & Live Well!


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