Nobody’s Fault But Ours

There are many things I am feeling about what happened in Boston. Saddened. Enraged. Frustrated. But the one thing I am not is shocked. I have been expecting this type of terrorist act to begin happening in the States for some time. Even before 9/11. Maybe because I grew up in the 60’s and was witness to the violence of those times. Something that has been relegated to blurry black & white images in the collective barely consciousness of this country. As if rioting in the streets had happened in another world entirely.

And while the search goes on for who is responsible in Boston and the politicizing blame game begins, very few if, any of us will face the truth.

We are to blame.

Every last one of us who gets caught in the smoke and mirrors red herring of media hyped scandals and political “debate.” Those of us who parrot the enflaming rhetoric of gasbag talking heads who spew bullshit to incite for the sole reason of ratings to sell advertising. Those of us who think watching Stewart, Colbert & Maher is some sort of political action. Those of us who flood Facebook and Twitter with images of ribbons and candles and the faces of dead children and quotes from Gandhi or The Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa or Guru Whateverdananda. This of us who “like” the Occupy page and follow Anonymous on Twitter. As if these things somehow are a show of solidarity in a meaningful cause. Standing for something. When it stands for nothing.

We are complicit. And we are reaping what the seeds of American Avarice and Corporate Greed has sown around the world. For decades, America has manipulated marketplaces and governments, turning internal political struggles to our advantages in Central & Latin America time and time again. Backing dictators and rebels in turn, standing by to watch the destruction and deaths of untold innocents in the facilitation of economic rape.

And we do nothing.

Because it is there not here. It is them not us.

While we bicker about gun control, abortion, gay marriage, GMO, gluten disease and a host of other “issues” and each side wraps themselves in the flag claiming to be more American than the other, we – and the government we have allowed to exist by our lazy-ass, armchair politicking, doped into a stupor by religion, porn, reality tv and voracious need to buy shit – have been slaughtering thousands. And sending our children to do the slaughtering and be slaughtered.

We decry bullying and call for an end to the brutality of the more powerful and mourn the suicides of those who feel worthless, hopeless and humiliated. We feel deep empathy for those victimized by the sociopathic teasing that leads to despair and self-loathing.

Yet we bully the world and we’re surprised that someone dare strike back in whatever way they can to make a statement, to enact revenge, for their plight to be seen and understood.

Make no mistake, I am not endorsing or excusing the behavior of those responsible for Boston. I am not turning the perpetrators in victims and asking for sympathy.

I am explaining a simple truth.

If you’re looking for the real root of the cause. Of why we are fast becoming a third world nation. Look in the mirror. We are Americans. Regardless of who we voted for, our government acts on our behalf. Our passport isn’t stamped Republican or Democrat or a registered member of the I don’t fucking vote because these pricks are all the same party.

Our passport is a declaration of citizenship in the United States of America. And as such we are part of the whole with a sworn allegiance to the flag and country. And everything it represents. The good. And the heinous.

We are complicit. Responsible.

This is what it means to be an adult. You take responsibility for your actions. And in this case – our inactions.

We piss and moan at the inequities and imbalance of power. We ignore the facts and allow the bankers and hedge fund fucks to get away with the destruction of our country. To have our infrastructure, education and health care system funding pillaged and drained so we seriously lag behind the rest of the world.

We are number one in nothing that matters.

Military spending? It will do nothing to prevent another Boston.

Tanks have never rumbled in these streets. But get ready, it’s about to happen. As the depression continues, jobs become more scarce, the gap between the haves and the have-nots gets wider, and the government continues its circle jerk and selling out of its own people, the terrorist attacks will become commonplace – as they have been in so many countries around the world for decades. Desperation leads to desperate acts.

Do you think the Dept of Homeland Security bought a billion rounds of ammo and almost 3000 light tanks to keep the Mexicans from coming across the border?

Take a cruise through youtube or netflix documentaries to witness what happens when country’s citizen begin to demand their government face the reality of their plights.

I have traveled for years and, like most Americans abroad for the first time, was shocked and unsettled at the sight of armed police and military guards in the streets of Madrid, Frankfurt, Mexico City, Rome and so many other cities, their fingers on the triggers of their automatic weapons.

This is now a common sight in NYC and will spread throughout the country and we have ourselves to thank for it.

In the eyes of the world, we are not members of any political party or religious group, we are Americans and as such responsible for the actions of our government. And those who are striking out against America will not discern. They will not ask, are you a Republican? Are you a liberal? Do you like Muslims? Do you support the war in Iraq? In Afghanistan? Do you drive a hybrid car?

They know who we are.

Time to own it. And if you don’t like what you’re being held accountable for and the position this has placed us all in now. Having our lives threaten in our own streets.

Time to change it.

Time to hold those who act in our stead and reap the benefits while we pay the price, accountable.

So we can sleep as soundly as they do.


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