Jennifer Summers – photographer/writer/mom

Jennifer was born and raised in Cincinnati (in 1978), reared by parents who fostered her love of art and music and books and the creative spirit. But even she would admit that her artistic focus had a bit of wanderlust. That was until her son, Dakota, was born and she began taking photographs of him with an old Minolta 35mm, propping him up on pillows with a black sheet as background.


She found her calling in the explorations of light and shadow and the details of learning to capture her child. Her journey of discovery took her to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she studied the Art of Photography.

Says Jennifer, “My understanding of and love for photography grew alongside my child. His new smiles blossomed and my lens eagerly devoured every one. In a way, you could say that he taught me how to really see. I realized that the light isn’t ours to own; it’s merely borrowed and reflected back; that moment preservation is as humbling as anything I’d experienced; and that there was a deep beauty.”

Clearly, Jennifer is a fine writer besides. She has a wily sense of humor and an infectious personality that informs and serves also as counterpoint to her work, which has a lovely, almost ethereal quality. Many of her images play with the soft focus of light and detail, suggesting the wispiness of summer afternoons and cold glasses of iced tea and lemonade. Sometimes bold and sexy, they seem to all share a quiet, reverential joy for life and the process. Obviously, we’re fans.

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MIkal Gilmore – writer/music critic/cat pic poster

Jennifer is married to her husband, Daniel, but on Facebook, she lists a “wife”  — her friend and soulmate for 25 years, Amanda Zimmerman. She found Jack on Facebook via a mutual friend  — author and Rolling Stone writer Mikal Gilmore. And while she couldn’t remember exactly what sparked their virtually friendship, she’s sure it had something to do with music. What she did know was that she had to get Jack in front of her camera, one reason she jumped at the chance to be a stop on the first “Facebook Tour”.

We encourage you to find out more about Jennifer and her work at Gaze at her considerable talent here:


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