Approaching my 59th spin around the sun

Two months from today, barring any unforeseen life-ending event, I will turn 59. Much to my surprise, I seem to be entirely ok with now being closer to 70 than 40. Certainly there is none of the panic attack inducing identity crises that visited me like Marley’s ghost in the months leading to my turning 30. Sure, we’re now living in a time where 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40 and all that nonsense but I’m going to be 59, for fuck’s sake! And please save the “it’s only a number & “you’re as young as you think” or “getting better with age like a fine wine” platitudes. I appreciate the moral support but let’s be real here. I may not think or act like a “typical” guy with 60 looming large on the not-too-distant horizon but I’m not as hip as I once may have been – or thought I was. Not by a long shot.

I’m old.

Don’t believe me. Just ask the cute check-out girl at the grocery store who keeps asking me – ever so politely – if I’d like my senior discount?

And I’m totally ok with that now. Which may sound strange coming from a guy whose life as a musician was completely centered on being the hippest cat in town. Or certainly attempting to be. And whose corporate career in marketing was based on being as in tune with pop culture and “what was happening” before it actually happened.

Call it whatever variant of “mellowing” you’d like, but surviving all these years, experiencing the roller coaster ride I’ve been on and, most rewarding, spending the time over the past few years I’ve dedicated to a deep introspection have all taught me many things. About the world. About people. And, most importantly, about myself.

Over the next few weeks, I want to share my thoughts about what I’ve discovered, what’s become important to me and why. Some of these things you may not agree with, which is fine. I’m no longer out to change anyone’s mind by debate or argument. Could be that at this point of my life, from this learned perspective, I’m tired not only of the misguided drive & need to be “right” but hold the time wasted in this pursuit far more dear  and better spent in other more worthy pursuits as the clock ticks ever loudly.

Several years ago, I wrote a blog explains in detail the crossroads I’d reached and the choice I made to change the direction of my life. You can check it out here –

Since that time I have tried my best to live my life following a philosophy built on what I hold to be an undeniable truth; Life’s short. Live well. Live Now. And meaningless unless shared with friends and family.

In this upcoming series of blogs, I’ll share my thoughts on what that actually means to me and where this path has lead me. And I’m not promising that, while no longer waving my angry young man flag, I won’t be flashing my well-earned curmudgeon badge from time to time.

First up…
“Miley Cyrus, Kanye West & the rest of Pop Culture Mean Shit to a Tree…or Me, for that matter.”

Hope you come along for the ride & feel free to comment and share.


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